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The Gurdjieff JournalLLC

Back Issue - #18 Volume 5 Issue 2

The Gurdjieff JournalLLC - Issue #18

Ladies of the Rope

Kathryn Hulme, Margaret Anderson, Jane Heap, Solita Solano, Georgette Leblanc were all members of the Rope, the special Left Bank women-only group that Gurdjieff formed in October 1935. This is an excerpt from the newly published book Ladies of the Rope, which explores the women's relationship with Gurdjieff and how he taught them.

All That Glitters:
Crazy Wisdom and Entrepreneurialism in the Spiritual Schools of E.J. Gold

An insider's detailed report of the Gurdjieffian hoaxer E.J. Gold and the weird capers with which he dupes the unsuspecting.

Gurdjieff and Yezidism
Part II

The final installment on the connection between Gurdjieff and this little known and understood spiritual teaching.

Film Review:

The Truman Show

Many wisdom myths there are, but few wisdom films. One wouldn't expect the 90s to be capable of much, but it has produced a true wisdom film in Jim Carrey's The Truman Show.

Book Review:

Threads of Time
by Peter Brook

Peter Brook, a student of Jane Heap and Madame de Salzmann, tells about the making of the film version of Meetings With Remarkable Men in his just published memoir.


Tidbits gleaned from the world and the Work.