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The Gurdjieff JournalLLC

Back Issue - #19 Volume 5 Issue 3

The Gurdjieff JournalLLC - Issue #19

Gurdjieff's Wartime
Meetings in
Nazi-Occupied Paris
Part I

Instead of fleeing to America, Gurdjieff stayed in Paris where he conducted meetings and movements throughout the war. These are never-before-published transcripts of the wartime meetings.

Working in the World:

Sex on the Brain

Gurdjieff said that sex and food would be for America what spiritualism and satanism were for Russia. With "morality" being primed as the political issue, are we seeing the beginning of a new descent?

Film Reviews:

The Thin Red Line, Pleasantville, Meet Joe Black and Celebrity

A look at how these films relate to ideas of the teaching of The Fourth Way.

Book Review:

Daddy Gurdjieff
by Nicolas de Val

Nicolas de Val, Gurdjieff's natural son, relates his memories of his father. His mother Elizabeta de Stjernvall tells of trekking with Gurdjieff from Russia over the Transcaucasus.


Ladies of the Rope

William Patrick Patterson speaks about his impressions of Margaret Anderson, Kathryn Hulme and Solita Solano, and why Gurdjieff created this special women-only group.

Enemy of the Person

An exploration of how the student can come to take the teacher as his 'enemy'.

In Memoriam:

John Fuchs

A student of Lord Pentland's, Mr. Fuchs directed the Gurdjieff Foundation in Denver, Colorado, for some 20 years.

Prieuré Update

The latest on the status of the Prieuré.


Tidbits gleaned from the world and the Work.