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The Gurdjieff JournalLLC

Back Issue - #27 Volume 7 Issue 3

The Gurdjieff JournalLLC - Issue #27

Gurdjieff at Lascaux

Dying of cancer, Mr. Gurdjieff's last wish was to visit the caves of Lascaux. The caves, he said, were an initiatic center. He said the Great Stag image in the first gallery was the society's emblem, just as the Sphinx was for the Society of Akhaldans. The prehistoric art he saw there—was it an Atlantean Legominism?

Horns of Being

Throughout history, horns have been a sign of reason and being and, of course, are a central image in Gurdjieff's First Series. Here is an in-depth look at this archetypal symbol.

Essential Questions:

Who Is Gurdjieff?

What is the origin of The Fourth Way? The new edition of In Search of the Miraculous shows a Sufi on the cover, speaks of The Fourth Way as "Eastern Religious Thinking and Philosophy," and has a foreword by Marianne Williamson, the spiritual doyenne of the New Age. How can that happen?

Working in the World:

The Good-Wishing-For-All

The terrorist attack on the U.S. and our bombing of the Taliban—are these acts a prelude to a clash of civilizations? What is the significance of the date of September 11th for Muslims? How can we see what is happening from a Work perspective?

The Prieuré

Gurdjieff's Prieuré is now a condo with an underground parking garage. Here is a pictorial retrospective of this last Fourth Way landmark.

Film Reviews:

Memento and Enlightenment Guaranteed

From two perspectives—one novel, the other traditional—the question "Who am I?" is explored. Memento is a thriller and a questioning of identity and memory, while Enlightenment Guaranteed follows the very human trials of two middle-aged Europeans trying to find themselves in a Zen monastery in Japan.

In Memoriam:

Michel de Salzmann

A tribute to Dr. Michel de Salzmann, President of the Societé Gurdjieff in France, who died August 4, 2001.