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The Gurdjieff JournalLLC

Back Issue - #31 Volume 8 Issue 3

The Gurdjieff JournalLLC - Issue #31

The Gurdjieff Work
in the Age
of Terrorism
Part IV

Explores Gurdjieff's perception of war, its origins and how to work with it.

The Age of Terrorism
& the Black Cab Tour

This photo essay and article gives a first-person account of life under terrorism.

Gurdjieff, Sufism
& Mohammed

No one can doubt Gurdjieff's familiarity with and respect for Mohammed, Islam and Sufism. But does that make Gurdjieff a Sufi?

Miss Merston
in India
Part II

Séances, Krishnamurti and Ramana Maharshi.

Leaving the Work
Part II

A resume of reasons why students leave the Work.

Film Review:

Adaptation Observed

Adaptation is a mix of fact, fiction and fantasy in the mind of blocked screenwriter Charlie Kaufman.

Book Review:

Terminally Modern

At the End of an Age by John Lukacs is a collection of five thematically related essays examining the relationship of Scientism to history.


Knowledge Is Not Enough

How neuroscience relates to Gurdjieff.

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