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The Gurdjieff JournalLLC

Back Issue - #33 Volume 9 Issue 1

The Gurdjieff JournalLLC - Issue #33

Miss Merston in India
Part IV

Anandamayi Ma Meets The Mother. Miss Merston gives an eye witness account—the only published to our knowledge—of the meeting between the two Mothers at Pondicherry.

Mr. Nobody in India
Part I

Perhaps the most unusual person Miss Merston met in India was "the Viking," the man Ramana Maharshi called "Sunyata, a rare-born mystic."

Gurdjieff &
The Diet Wars

Gurdjieff said that solving the problem of the prolongation of human life was the chief problem of our existence. What part does diet play?

Book Review:

Beyond Belief: The Secret Gospel of Thomas
by Elaine Pagels

Why did the church fathers choose the Gospel of John for the New Testament canon and denigrate that of Thomas? What part did politics play?

Film Reviews:

Laurel Canyon, The Ice Storm, About Schmidt, Wall Street, Ararat & Kandahar

Like squares on a chess board, there are worlds within worlds within worlds that one can get caught in. The question is: how to get out.

Art Review:

Max Beckmann:
Artist in Search
of the Self
Part II

A comprehensive survey of the life and work of an artist who used painting as a vehicle for self-exploration.