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Back Issue - #47 Volume 12 Issue 3

The Gurdjieff Journal - Issue #47

Creationism & Gurdjieff
Part I

Just outside Cincinnati looms a huge sculpture of Jesus, easily seen from the highway, called by the faithful "The King of Kings"; by locals, "Touchdown Jesus." These two perceptions extend back to the pre-Socratic philosophers of ancient Greece. Where is Gurdjieff in all of this?

In Search of the Soul
Part VI

Zoroastrianism believes every person has a soul. Man is caught between the forces of good and evil, and the choices he makes during his lifetime determine his fate.

The Judas Controversy

The publication of the Gospel of Judas which portrays Judas as foremost among Jesus' disciples, and the only one capable of understanding his teaching, was hot red pepper down Orthodox throats. And so the bare-knuckle battle over how the word "Daimon" is to be translated.

Film Review:

W, The Dark Knight & Man on Wire

A look at how three films—one a docudrama of "the decider," another comic book characters, and another a high wire man—reveal a societal context.

Book Review:

Leveling Gurdjieff

First meeting Mr. Gurdjieff in December 1948, traveling with him and other students in 1949, Professor Paul Beekman Taylor never joined a group but in his late years has penned a number of books about Gurdjieff. This is his latest attempt, not at revisionism but simply to level the teaching to a philosophy.