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Back Issue - #50 Volume 13 Issue 2

The Gurdjieff Journal - Issue #50

The Messengers from Above

Who were the Messengers and what was their message, and how was it leveled and rendered ineffective? Is Mr. Gurdjieff a Messenger?

Darwin & His Theory

A consideration of how Darwin, Dawkins and Gurdjieff view the essential questions of life on earth and mankind in particular.

Gurdjieff, Ramana Maharshi & Self-Remembering

Where Gurdjieff and Maharshi meet and not on the practice of self-remembering.

Early Notes of Gurdjieff & Ouspensky Meetings
Part II

The notes of meetings taken by Bernard Metz, an early student of Gurdjieff and Ouspensky.

Live in the Head, Die in the Streets

William Patrick Patterson is interviewed about his new book, Spiritual Survival in a Radically Changing World-Time, on Dr. Michael Kell's weekly radio show, "Mind, Body & Senses."

Film Review:

The Seekers of Truth

The Institute Gurdjieff's new video is beautifully done but strangely bowdlerized.