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Back Issue - #51 Volume 13 Issue 3

The Gurdjieff Journal - Issue #51

Certainty in a Time of Uncertainty

The financial meltdown, doomsday scenarios, the Mayan Calendar's 2012—how to come to certainty with so much uncertainty?

Gurdjieff & Food
Part I

The prolongation of human life is key in developing higher levels of being and bodies. What part does physical food play? What did Gurdjieff serve at his table?

In Search of The Soul
Part IX
Part I

The continuing exploration of how different religions and paths view the soul.

A Visit to Gurdjieff's Institute

Carl Zigrosser, an early American student, reports on his visit and makes some unusual discoveries.


Good Stick, Bad Stick

Gurdjieff always said he took the bad end of the stick so we could have the good end. But what does that mean? In what way do we take the good end?

Pinder at Lunch

There is a wiseacre idea floating about that Frank Pinder was a "Patriarch" of the Work.

When Was Gurdjieff Born—1866, 1872, 1877?

Gurdjieff's passport says 1877, Olga de Hartmann, Louise March, John Bennett, and William Patrick Patterson say 1872, but James Moore says 1866.

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