The Teaching For Our Time

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Links to external sites promoting spirituality and well-being. The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation has no control over the nature and content of these external sites and therefore a link does not necessarily constitute an endorsement.

The World Wide Online Meditation Center
A user-friendly site, offering free, clear, easy meditation instruction on a variety of meditation methods from various spiritual traditions.

Paratheatrical Research
A paratheatre medium developed by Antero Alli using methods of movement, vocalization, and Zazen to access and express the internal landscape.

MesoAmericas & Beyond
Expression, knowledge and origin of ancient Mesoamerica, The Fourth Way Teaching of Gurdjieff and more!

A Lark
A beautifully written blog with reflections on The Fourth Way, art, religion, photography and much more.

A Prayer
A blog about understanding and living prayer.

School of Pythagoras - in the Past and Today
The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, conversations with Pythagoras and his students, initiation into the science of cognition of the Creator, higher philosophy and more.

The Global Consciousness Project
Scientific research network studying global consciousness.