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Weekly Saying of Substance
— G.I. Gurdjieff

G.I. Gurdjieff, Fourth Way, self-transformation
These terrifying processes proceeded on this same Egypt so often, in consequence of the fact that this part of the surface of your planet [Egypt], during the course of long periods of time, found itself in relation to the common-cosmic Harmonious-Movement in the position of what is called the ‘center-of-gravity-radiations,’ and that is why the influence of the cosmic law Solioonensius often acted on the presence of the three-brained beings breeding there, and often brought forth in them such an abnormality.… under the influence of the action of Solioonensius, instead of the desire and striving for a speedier self-perfection a something began to arise such as they themselves characterize by the words ‘need for freedom,’ which chiefly serves the cause of the arising there of these same grievous processes of theirs similar to this last ‘Bolshevism.’… that feeling which arises from the action of Solioonensius strengthens in them the need for some or other general change in the conditions of their ordinary external being-existence.

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