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Baboon bone marrow was recently transplanted to an aids patient, in hopes that the baboon's healthy HIV-resistant cells may strengthen the patient's immune system. While chances of success are slight, most scientist's are said to believe it will one day, sooner rather than later, be possible to do cross-species transplants.(1)

But in opening this door, scientists and physicians may be exposing the human population to other transmittable primate viruses. HIV itself, many researchers believe, is a descendant of a simian virus that entered the human population. The physical danger of such animal-to-human experiments is that the transplant could infect the recipient's body with still another animal-originating disease.

The spiritual danger is even greater. Cross-species transplants, as well as genetic tinkering, allow science to tamper with the human body, the essential vehicle of self-transformation. Unintended changes of whatever nature could disturb and skewer the process of self-transformation, even render it spiritually sterile. The organs of the body are said to have their own vibration, their own note. Together they form a given individual's note which corresponds to his or her essence. This note is human, not animal.

Further, looking at the second cosmic octave of radiation in the Ray of Creation,(2) we see that organic life on earth, homo sapiens, fauna and flora, began in the sun and has two higher notes. The first note, Do, begins on the level of the sun of our solar system; the second, Si, is on the planetary level. Thus, life does not come from below but above. Its evolutionary movement is not forward, but backward. The second cosmic octave also shows organic life on earth is composed not of one note, but three distinct notes. The scale of human hydrogens belongs to La; that of fauna is Sol, and that of flora is Fa. The Si 12 of a man or woman, therefore, cannot be directly affected by the sexual hormone of an animal which is Si 24. A possibility, however, is that an animal vibration introduced at La 24 of the human octave might give a small lift, or shock, at Si 12. But this could only be temporary and would in no way affect the desired aim at Si 12. But over time who knows the possible side effects? Whatever, it would be one of fundamental deviation. That is, it would serve to regress man, to bestialize the body, to make him unfit for self-transformation. In the vain attempt to save human lives, science may well be toying with creating monsters.


(1) The cost estimate per person of this "animal boost" to the immune system (it's not a cure) is $200,000. Given that the Centers for Disease Control believes there are between 750,000 and 1.2 million Americans with AIDS or HIV. It would cost hundreds of billions of dollars to treat those infected with what is, at best, only temporary. What, then, is behind this research?

(2) P. D. Ouspensky, Search, p. 139

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