Taking With the Left Hand
Enneagram Craze, The Fellowship of Friends & The Mouravieff 'Phenomenon'

by William Patrick Patterson

"William Patrick Patterson's Taking With the Left Hand deals with esoteric teachings in a modern context. In this collection of three essays about various aspects of the legacy of the influential spiritual teachings of G. I. Gurdjieff, the author tackles the enneagram craze, the teachings of Boris Mouravieff and a Gurdjieff splinter group, expanding his discussion of these relatively parochial issues to raise more universal questions about the nature and transmission of spiritual truth."
Publishers Weekly

"Taking With the Left Hand is quite remarkable. I have read it with great pleasure. Patterson always writes absorbingly, and there is no one in the field of Gurdjieff/Oupensky studies that I respect more, or regard as having more authority."
—Colin Wilson, author, From Atlantis to the Sphinx

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