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The Gurdjieff Legacy Foundation

Fourth Way School


Foreseeing the technologizing of life which, if not mastered, will diminish spiritual evolution, G. I. Gurdjieff
(1872 – 1949) introduced and established in the West a long-hidden and ancient esoteric teaching of self-development.

"The Fourth Way," he said, is "completely self-supporting and independent of other spiritual lines and it has been completely unknown up to the present time."

Grounded in a conscious exploration of ourselves as we are, not as we imagine ourselves to be, a direct experiencing of our fullest extension slowly opens. Instead of personalizing ordinary life's uncertainty, negativity and suffering, we learn that when intentionally worked with they are the very means by which we realize real being, understanding and conscience.

Lineage & Purpose

The School, established in 1993, was born in the direct lineage and esoteric tradition of The Fourth Way, a seminal teaching of spiritual evolution in this Technological World-Time. Originally founded and directed by Lord Pentland's student, William Patrick Patterson, The School is directed by Teresa Adams, Mr. Patterson's student of over 30 years. It offers the perspective and practices that recapture the true meaning and purpose of human life, and ends the ever-increasing soulless waste of energy, time and attention including the unconscious misuse of technology in all its forms.

Unique to this rich and practical teaching of self-evolution is that instead of changing our life we learn how to rightly observe it, believing nothing, consciously verifying everything. Recognizing how our past lives our present, we are slowly freed from false personality and begin to live from essence. Human life, its real purpose and meaning, are objectively realized. And, objective values replace the subjective, giving a new sense of energy, attention and a dimension that is timeless.

One Teaching, One School—Two Offerings

Deeply rooted in the fundamental ideas and practices of the teaching, The School is grounded in an exploration of the expression and nature of self that leads to the fullest extension of its meaning.

If you are experiencing a wish to awaken and seek to learn about Mr. Gurdjieff's sacred Teaching, how to work with the ideas and practices of self-transformation and evolution, the following two offerings are available:

In-Person Study:

Participation in Group Work includes weekly Group Meetings, exercises, practices, meditation, Haida Yoga, Days of Self-Exploration, seminars, and additional events & gatherings working with Fourth Way themes.

Online Study:

Participation is open to candidates residing in areas where access to ongoing in-person Group Work is not available. The Online Fourth Way School is a response to the changing demands of this Age and the acceleration of this World-Time. It is based on the realization that a more open and creative approach is required if the full scale and intelligence of this sacred and seminal teaching of self-transformation is to be disseminated and fully explored to as many seekers as possible.

Unique in its approach of working individually with each student, The Online Fourth Way School is dedicated to ensuring the transmission of an active and living current of the Teaching. Individual instructions and guidance allow the student to verify the Teaching and experience self-awakening. The format is the nearest approximation—though still an approximation—to the fullness of working in-person with a Teacher and Group. Therefore, space is limited given the intense time commitment. When appropriate and applicable, online students are invited to participate in web-based meetings as available.

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