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The Online Fourth Way School

The Online Fourth Way School—an offering and response to meet the demands of this Age—makes available Mr. Gurdjieff's teaching of The Fourth Way for those living in areas where in-person Group Meetings are not accessible.

It is based on the realization that a more open and creative approach is required if the full scale and intelligence of this sacred and seminal teaching of self-transformation is to be fully explored.

Though deeply rooted in the fundamental ideas and practices of the teaching, the School is grounded in an exploration of the expression and nature of self that leads to the fullest extension of its meaning.

The Online Fourth Way School is dedicated to providing the teaching, special conditions and individual instructions for each seeker to verify the Teaching and experience self-awakening. The Work with each online student is entirely individual. The format in the nearest approximation—though still an approximation—to the fullness of working in-person with a Teacher and Group. Therefore, space is extremely limited given the intense time commitment.

Originally founded and directed by William Patrick Patterson, The School is directed by Teresa Adams, Mr. Patterson's student of over 30 years.

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