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Shopping FAQ

What is the step-by-step process for purchasing an item?

1. Add your items to the shopping cart. For example, to purchase All & Everything, go to The Fourth Way page of the Bookstore and the bottom of the book description, click Add to Cart.

2. To complete your order, View Cart, then click Checkout. (At any time you may click View Cart to see your selections. To add more items to the cart, click Continue Shopping.)

3. On the Country page select your country from the drop-down list. If your item is to be shipped to a different country, select it from the second drop-down list. Then click Continue.

4. On the Shipping page, select a shipping option from the drop-down list, then click Continue.

5. If insurance is available for your destination country, the Insurance page displays. Click Yes if you want insurance, then click Continue.

6. On the Order Review page, review your order and select your method of payment.

  • To pay by credit card through PayPal, click Credit Card.
  • To pay by check or money order click Check/Money Order. Fill in your contact information which will be inserted into a mail-in form of your order that you will print and mail along with your check or money order.

What if I want to order several copies of one item?

On the View Cart page change the "1" in the Quantity box to the number that you want and click Update Cart.

What is Special Charges on the View Cart and Order Review pages?

Special Charges is for use only by people who receive email instructions from us.

May I include books, The Gurdjieff Journal and a seminar registration all in one order?

Yes, you may add any item to the cart—books, music, videos, DVDs, a subscription and/or back issues of The Gurdjieff Journal, as well as registrations for Seminars, Workshops or Talks.

How do I delete an item from the cart?

On the View Cart page select the Remove box next to the item and then click Update Cart.

Is there a shipping charge for every item?

No shipping is charged for Seminar, Workshop or Talk registrations or for The Gurdjieff Journal subscriptions. Also, some of the heavier books have the shipping charge already included in the price.

How will I know what the shipping charge is?

After you select your payment and destination countries, the total shipping charge is calculated for each shipping option. On the Shipping page, click the drop-down box to see the options available.

May I insure my order?

Yes, if the destination country and shipping method allows insurance and the total value of your order does not exceed the insurable limit for your country. The insurance cost for your order total displays on the Insurance page.

What is the surcharge that is added to the Seminar registration?

A 3% surcharge is added to the registration cost if you pay by credit card. It will be calculated when you select your payment method on the Order Review page. To pay by mail, simply follow the instructions on the Seminars/Events page.

May I pay through PayPal without having a PayPal account?

Yes, the PayPal website provides the option to pay by credit card without creating a PayPal account.

Is sales tax applied to orders shipped to California?

Yes. During the checkout process, if you enter a California ship-to address, 9% sales tax is automatically calculated whether the payment is by credit card or check/money order. The only exceptions to this are Seminar, Workshop or Talk registrations.