The Life & Significance of George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff—Part I


The Origin of Esoteric Knowledge

Winner of the 2000 Gold Award for biography at WorldFest, one of the oldest and most prestigious of the international film festivals.

"A most fascinating and thought-provoking film. A marvelous encapsulation of the teaching. It covers new ground and opens up a new perception of Gurdjieff's teaching. I am sure Patterson is correct when he says that Gurdjieff was electrified by seeing the map of pre-sand Egypt because the Sphinx was on it."
—Colin Wilson, author, From Atlantis to the Sphinx

"Gurdjieff in Egypt is one of the most unusual films I—or the other Convergence staff—have ever seen. I have watched it at least four times and could probably watch it as many times more, learning something new with each viewing. The narrator, William Patrick Patterson, follows the track of G.I. Gurdjieff to the origin of ancient teachings, the basis of the esoteric teachings behind the perennial wisdom, to ancient, pre-sand Egypt.

"Patterson draws the viewer into the esoteric meaning of many of the great treasures of the temples of ancient Egypt, decoding the art, architecture, hieroglyphics, and statuary. He brings particular understanding to the relationship between Horus and Set and the essential tension that binds light to dark, the spiritual to the material. He also comes to the astounding conclusion that prehistoric Egypt was Christian in its teachings, principles and ideas, many thousands of years before the actual birth of Christ. Highly recommended for the serious student."
—Virginia K. Slayton, Editor, Convergence Magazine

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